Error 502 folder redirection

Just the first question. On the server logged in as administrator the MY Documents is inaccessible and the target is to the old server so I presume there is still an old folder redirection taking place somewhere? Folder Redirection failed due to the error listed below. The share is currently offline or does not exist. Additional Information:. Folder Redirection - Issues. Event ID 502, Windows 7 Folder Redirection. Error: Eventid: 502 Failed to apply policy and redirect folder " Desktop" to " \ \ dave\ teachersdesktop". Folder redirection policy application. Event ID: 510, Folder Redirection. across the same error message. For more information on ar all, We are finalizing our Windows 7 migration where we migrated 500+ clients. In our enterprise concept we implemented RUP ( Roaming User Profiles) and.

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    Error folder redirection

    Folder Redirection Event 502 - Failed to redirect because the destination directory. You probably noticed this error because you are trying to change the path of your existing redirected documents. You may have configured. Folder Re- Direction not Applying due to Access Denied. Error Event ID: 502 Event Text: Failed to apply policy and redirect folder Start Menu to C:. Event ID: 502 Source. Failed to apply policy and redirect folder " < folder name. Upon giving the user ownership of their redirected folder, the error. Any help on this would be definitely appreciated. Error: Eventid: 502. Failed to apply policy and redirect folder " Desktop" to " \ \ dave\ teachersdesktop". Redirection options= 0x9009. The following error occurred: " Failed to copy. access to the folder.

    so a Folder Redirection 502 Error event gets logged to the application log. scom is monitoring this server and raises an alert for this event. Why is folder redirection failing on Windows Vista with event ID 502? Error with basic Windows 7 Folder Redirection on Server domain. Learn what other IT pros think about the 502 Error event generated by Microsoft- Windows- Folder Redirection. Get answers to your event log question in minutes. I am redirecting several folders using Group Policy. Everything works as expected on Windows XP clients,. What possible causes should I look for? Fixes an issue in which the logon time is longer than expected and event ID 502 is logged in Windows 8.

    You configure the Folder Redirection Group Policy setting for a folder that is available for redirection. We' re trying to redirect user profile folders to a new. Help with folder redirection GPO' s not working. I was googling everything except for the exact error,. Applying folder redirection to Documents and other folders fails when Group Policy is trying to automatically create required folders. Following error is logged in Application Logs on client PCs: Event ID: 502. Level: Error Description:. Group Policy folder redirection generates Error,. 502 Task Category:. the disabled “ Folder Redirection” GPO had the policy pointed to the \ \ SERVER. Application Log Event ID 502 Error Symptoms:. it makes the folder available offline and when folder redirection tries to create the folder link,. Folder Redirection in Group Policy allows a systems administrator to redirect certain folders from a user' s profile to a file server.

    In part 4 of this series, I' ll discuss configuring Folder Redirection and the available configuration options in Group Policy. 21: Folder Redirection Error 502 s9. Hi Eiram, For folder redirection, we can redirect folders to any of the following locations: The root of a network file share. Fixes an issue in which the logon time is longer than expected and event ID 502 is. When the system tries to apply the Folder Redirection. ERROR: at System. Additionally, an event ID 502 is logged in the Application log. You configure the following Folder Redirection Group Policy setting to use a network location as the redirected path of. If the user tries to access the redirected path manually, the user receives an error message that resembles the following:. I am trying to set up folder redirection for users on Windows 7 machines on a Windows Server domain.

    I have applied the " Basic" Folder Redirection group policy for the " Documents" folder to. We have configured Folder Redirection on some Users and it worked well until the latest update. Yes for our AppData\ Roaming folder we have the error code # 502 in event viewer with the message " The folder is not. That event log tells you everything to figure out the problem on this particular error. Folder Redirection Cannot Create. ( Folder Redirection Error 502. Re: Folder redirection issues on certain machines Hi This is what i dont understand, if the user logs into another machine the problem doesnt exist and folder redirection works fine. Windows 7 Thread, Folder Redirection has stopped working in Technical; Great, come back after a couple of days off and Windows 7 has self- destructed. Make sure the user is a member of the required groups for folder redirection. There was an error processing your information.